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The focus for the future development of the Albanian economy will remain on attracting FDIs with a focus on sectors where the Albanian economy has unexploited potential both in terms of natural resources as well as in developing sectors that are yet underperforming such as renewable energy, tourism, agribusiness, infrastructure and services.

Dhërmi, Vlora, Albania

The drive down Albania's Ionian coast, from Vlora to Saranda, through the 1,027m-high Llogaraja pass, is both impressive and hair-raising. It will be worth it when you reach Drymades, which has one hotel with wooden cabins set in an olive grove near the 5km of sandy beach – and a blissful lack of activity. If you want some excitement, the nearby village of Dhërmi has restaurants – as well as concrete bunkers on the beach, a legacy of the communist regime.

Coastal cliffs and snow-capped mountains

Albania is found in the South East portion of Europe. It is a magnificent country that attracts a lot of tourists every year as it has quite a number of tourist destinations that can completely fill up your itinerary. White Spring is found in between two mountains of Kunora and Didha. People visit this attraction mainly because of the water coming from the spring which is known to cure a lot of diseases. There are several activities that you can do there, like swimming and hiking.

Saranda, the blue eyes of Albania !

If you all do remember in the Fascist era, when Albania was part of the crown of Savoy, the nearest village called Porto Edda, in honor of Edda Ciano Mussolini but today we know as Saranda or to put it as Albanians, Sarandë. We are in the southern part of the country of Eagles, near the border with Greece and Corfu, a little further south; it is not so far away.

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